The full three-volume plan report for VISION 2050, including links to each individual chapter of the report, can be accessed below. The original report was sent to each affected unit and agency of government requesting their consideration and endorsement. Volume III of the report, which presents the recommended plan, was updated as part of the 2020 Review and Update. Like the original report, the Second Edition of Volume III was sent to affected units and agencies of government.


Groundwork for Vision and Plan Development


Full PDF (443 pages, 103 MB)

Full PDF Reduced (443 pages, 15 MB)


Chapter 1—Introduction
Chapter 2—Existing Conditions and Trends: Population, Employment, and Land Use

Chapter 3—Review of the Year 2035 Regional Land Use and Transportation System Plans

Chapter 4—Inventory of Transportation Facilities and Services
Chapter 5—Travel Habits and Patterns
Chapter 6—Future Population, Households, and Employment in the Region
Appendix A—A Comparison of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area to Its Peers
Appendix B—Adopted County and Local Comprehensive Plans in Southeastern Wisconsin
Appendix C—Accuracy Checks of the Year 2011 Travel Surveys




Developing the Vision and Plan


Part I - Visioning and Scenarios

Full PDF (279 pages, 22MB)

Full PDF Reduced (279 pages, 13 MB)


Chapter 1—Visioning for the Region’s Future
Chapter 2—Conceptual Land Use and Transportation Scenarios

Appendix D—Results of Initial Visioning Activities

Appendix E—Public Feedback on Conceptual Scenarios


Part II - Alternative Plans

Full PDF (435 pages, 133 MB)

Full PDF Reduced (435 pages, 20 MB)

Chapter 3—Alternative Land Use and Transportation Plans

Appendix F—Complete Alternative Plan Evaluation Results

Appendix G—Public Feedback on Detailed Alternatives


Part III - Preliminary Recommended Plan

Full PDF (407 pages, 86 MB)

Full PDF Reduced (407 pages, 16 MB)

Chapter 4—Preliminary Recommended Year 2050 Regional Land Use and Transportation Plan
Appendix H—Complete Results of the Preliminary Recommended Plan Evaluation
Appendix I—Evaluation of Potential Benefits and Impacts of Reconstructing with Widening or Not Widening IH 43 between Howard Avenue and Silver Spring Drive
Appendix J—Public Feedback on Preliminary Recommended Plan



VOLUME III (Second Edition, Updated June 2020)

Recommended Regional Land Use and Transportation Plan

Full PDF (413 pages, 85 MB)

Full PDF Reduced (413 pages, 49 MB)

Chapter 1—Recommended Year 2050 Regional Land Use and Transportation Plan
Chapter 2—Fiscally Constrained Transportation System
Chapter 3—Plan Implementation
Appendix K—VISION 2050 Land Use Design Guidelines
Appendix L—Equity Analysis of the VISION 2050 Land Use Component
Appendix M—VISION 2050 Plan Recommendations for the Jefferson County Portion of the Milwaukee Urbanized Area

Appendix N—Equitable Access Analysis of the VISION 2050 Transportation Component
Appendix O—Population in the Region by Sewer Service Area

Appendix P—Targets Established for the National Performance Measures

Related Reports Referenced in VISION 2050 Plan Report


The Economy of Southeastern Wisconsin (Technical Report 10, 5th Edition)
The Population of Southeastern Wisconsin (Technical Report 11, 5th Edition)
Guiding the Vision (June 2014)
A Comparison of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area to Its Peers (Memorandum Report 221, First Edition)

A Comparison of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area to Its Peers (Memorandum Report 221, Second Edition)

Travel Simulation Models of Southeastern Wisconsin (Technical Report 51)
Assessment of Conformity (Memorandum Report 223) 
Comments Received on the Preliminary Recommended Plan


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