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Every four years, the Commission conducts an interim review and update of the regional land use and transportation plan, in part to address Federal requirements. The 2020 Review and Update assesses implementation to date of VISION 2050, reviews the year 2050 forecasts underlying the plan, and monitors current transportation system performance. The review also examines whether it remains reasonable for the recommendations in VISION 2050 to be accomplished over the next 30 years, given the implementation of the plan to date and available and anticipated funding. As a result of the review and update process, recommendations may be added or updated, and the financial analysis has been updated to reflect changes in anticipated funding or expenditures. An outline of the 2020 Review and Update along with draft chapters prepared to date can be reviewed under "DRAFT REPORT" below.

Public Involvement Round 1 (November/December 2019)

Staff conducted the first of two rounds of public involvement for the Review and Update in late 2019. This effort included holding seven public meetings across the Region and obtaining input from the Commission’s nine community partners. The purpose of this first round of public involvement was to share information with the public about how well the various plan elements are being implemented, and collect feedback about this progress. We also asked for comments on changes, since VISION 2050 was adopted, that we should consider as we update the plan’s recommendations. Comments for the first round were accepted through December 20, 2019, and were considered by staff as we prepared a draft 2020 Review and Update and by the Advisory Committees guiding the Review and Update.

Public Involvement Round 2 (February-April 2020)

Staff is currently seeking input during the second round of public involvement for the Review and Update. This round involves providing an opportunity to learn about and provide feedback on proposed plan changes. We are also sharing information about a funding gap for the recommended transportation system and discussing how the plan would help improve equity across the Region. This information is summarized under "Round 2 Public Meeting Materials” below and fully documented in drafts of Chapter 4, Appendix D, and Appendix E under "Draft Report," also found below.

In early March, we held four of seven planned public open house meetings across the Region, but canceled the last three meetings due to health concerns over the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. Public feedback is still important to us, so we have extended the current comment period (comments will be accepted through April 8, 2020) and are offering alternative ways for residents to learn about the draft plan update and to provide feedback:

  • Virtual Public Meetings: These meetings included a staff presentation and allowed participants to interact with staff in real time. You can view the presentation given during the virtual meetings here and the recordings for each meeting below.

  • YouTube Video Presentation: For those that were unable to join a virtual public meeting, we have prepared a video presentation similar to the virtual meeting presentation, which can be accessed on YouTube here.

  • Online Survey: All interested residents, whether or not they participated in a virtual open house or view the YouTube presentation, are encouraged to review the public meeting display boards (available here) and complete an online questionnaire that replicates questions asked of attendees at the public meetings. The survey can be accessed below and will be available through April 8th.

  • Contact Us Directly: Staff is currently teleworking and unavailable for in-person discussions, but we still want to be accessible to residents that would like to discuss the draft plan update. The best way to reach us is by email at or by phone: Eric Lynde (262.953.3222) or Liz Callin (262.953.3214).

  • Traditional Feedback Methods: You can also submit comments via the comment box below, or via email, U.S. mail, or fax to the contact information below, through April 8th.


Commission staff will review, summarize, and respond to any comments received during the public comment period. We will then consider the comments and provide them to the Advisory Committees guiding VISION 2050 for review as they continue guiding the Review and Update. We anticipate completing the Review and Update later this spring.


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Round 2 Meeting Materials

(February-April 2020)

English Version
Spanish Version

Round 1 Meeting Materials (November/December 2019)

English Version
Spanish Version


Report Outline
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Review of VISION 2050 Recommendations
and Implementation to Date
Chapter 3:
Review of VISION 2050 Forecasts
Chapter 4:
Update of VISION 2050
Appendix A:
Review of Transportation System Performance
Appendix B:
Review of the Targets Established for the
National Performance Measures
Appendix C:
Inventory of TSM Infrastructure
Appendix D:
Equity Analysis of Updated Transportation Component
Appendix E:
Summary of Public Comments