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Every four years, the Commission conducts an interim review and update of the regional land use and transportation plan, in part to address Federal requirements. On June 17, 2020, the Commission adopted the 2020 Review and Update of VISION 2050. The 2020 Update assessed the progress in implementing the original VISION 2050 recommendations, the performance of the transportation system, year 2050 forecasts underlying the plan, and changes in recent years that impact the plan. The 2020 Update also examined whether it remains reasonable for the recommendations in VISION 2050 to be accomplished over the next 30 years, given implementation of the plan to date and available and anticipated funding.

The Commission published a report documenting the 2020 Update, which identifies the added and updated recommendations and includes an updated financial analysis for the recommended transportation system and updated equity analyses related to the updated plan. In addition to the 2020 Update report, the Commission prepared a Second Edition of VISION 2050. Both reports are available on this website. Changes made to VISION 2050 as a result of the 2020 Update are reflected throughout the site, including on the individual plan element pages and the Maps page. We encourage you to explore the site and learn about the plan's recommendations and the actions needed to achieve the plan's ultimate vision.

The update of VISION 2050 was finalized during the first few months of the COVID-19 global pandemic and the Commission recognizes that long-term impacts to transportation and land use are possible. Staff will continue to monitor potential impacts and revise the plan as necessary. Despite the potential for changes, it remains important to implement VISION 2050 and achieve the substantial benefits the plan offers.



SEWRPC completed the original VISION 2050 plan in 2016 and updated the plan again in 2020. Find out what the plan entails here.


Amendments made to VISION 2050 since the original plan was completed 

are available here.


Learn more about the 2020 Review and Update of VISION 2050 here.

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